Page 1 of 365: Already screwed up


My new year’s resolution for 2015:

1) Be kinder

For the past 12 hours, all I was thinking was “If I see one more post with the picture saying “page 1 of 365” I will murder somebody”.

If you did, do not be “that person”. The one that writes “Let the story begin” because it’s short and simple. It makes you sound like a prick. Please take offense.

2) Don’t take things personally

You: What’s your new year’s resolution

Me: I’m gonna shed 10 pounds. Gonna hit the gym tomorrow.

(food arrives)

You: You sure you want to eat that?


3) Be a happier person 


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the Power of Make-up


Lately I’ve been inspired by many make up artists like @lindahalslbergs and @nikkietutorials to really get creative. In other words, become a complete introvert and play with my face for days on end. But I will say to the people who undermine make up, there is something called the “power of make up”. Make up can transform you into a celebrity in a matter of minutes. But besides the aesthetics of it, it can empower people. It can sometimes be a pain to put it on, touch up, then take it all off at the end of the day. However, while all that unnecessary amount of artificial chemicals are plastered to your face, you feel confident (because you look amazing!).

Back to my original point, three days ago, I started an instagram account sharing some simple make up looks.

Here’s my latest one:

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My latest make up look!

If you like what you see…

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Five tips to save a friend’s drunk ass Tokyo edition


Just about a month ago, my friend got completely drunk to the point of sleeping next to a homeless in a middle of a park. After looking for her for hours, I finally found her passed out. When I tried to get her up, she refused like any intoxicated creature and pissed on me. I would like to mention now that this was the night before I left for New York.

Here are some things I learned from that experience.

1. Have one BDSP. Buff Designated Sober Person.

This person will carry that person or the huge bag of empty bottles and shot glasses to a safety area.

2. Designate an emergency safety area.

This area could be a house, hotel, Karaoke-room, Manga-room, 24-hour Denny’s. Anywhere is fine as long as it is warm, secure, and has a bathroom.

3. Ducktape their phone to their hand before they wander off.

This is an essential step. If they own an iphone, you can locate them with  the GPS. Or you can always embed a GPS chip beneath their skin like dogs.

4. Give the intoxicate-ee an hour nap before you get them a ride (when they miss the last train).

With an hour nap, they are bound to wake up a little more refreshed, if not a little more aware and less.. blacked out.

5. The next day when they are fighting the worst hang over, give them a whole recap of how annoying they were and list the multitude of things they did that they will soon regret.

Sidenote: Also don’t party the night before a 12 hour flight.
Safe drinking, don’t drink and drive, lots of love,


New York New York New York


During the whole Ebola crisis with the doctorwithoutborders getting infected and being quarintined, I was exactly where he was, Brooklyn. Despite the fear-instilling news reports, I spent a full week soaking up Manhattan. I spent hours indulging at Etcetera Etcetera, Bocca, Eataly, and Le Bernadin (my all time favorite) while enjoying company of friends and family.

Although New York is inspiring and beautiful, I always had a preinstalled thought – “Why are New Yorkers always so rude?”.

||DISCLAIMER|| This is a huge generalization and is not true what so ever.

However, New York doesn’t exactly strike as the city of care-free, lounge-around kind of people. Personally, the place comes across as a city for go-getter, walk-with-a-purpose big city people.

The first time I visited,  I came back with bitter feelings towards New York because of the people. Customer service was not the same as what you get in Japan. The people in the streets were louder and ruder, so naturally New York seemed like the dirtier and louder version of Tokyo (Sorry!). But while I was talking to my friends, I realized how hard it is living here. Trader Joes is always packed, rent is expensive and getting a job is a lot harder with so many competetive people around. So of course, people are going to have a rough day here and there and that doesn’t make them a bad person nor a rude one (in my opinion).

This applies to anywhere in the world but I feel like everyone should gain a new perspective!

Lots of Love,


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